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Space Planning

Space Planning Services

In modern households, time and time again, the issue of space and lack of it comes to the fore! Often this can be resolved through reconsidering traditional layouts and if you like, simply looking “outside the box” for creative solutions to these problems. Think Interior Design have experience with space planning and can support you with your next project.

Space Planning For The Home

Homes may be physically over populated or simply have too much clutter. To remedy this we can look at :

  • Multifunctional use of spaces
  • Concealed bespoke storage areas
  • Furniture layout
Furthermore, bespoke joinery can often help create spatial solutions in tight or unused spaces. I enjoy designing original storage solutions as they are completely unique to the space. I work with a local carpenter who can bring your storage ideas to life. 

Space Planning For The Office

The largest demand for this type of planning is within offices.

Good space planning can be achieved through:
  • Maximising the space
  • Creative storage solutions
  • Identifying overused and underused areas.
Before I commence a project, I completely weed out all the unnecessary “stuff” that we are all guilty of accumulating and archive it or give it a new home!  

I work with a local carpenter who can bring your storage ideas to life. 

Please see my interior design packages for information on my fees. Bear in mind that, one size does not fit all and I welcome a chat to discuss your particular needs. Contact Think Interior Design for more information.

“rejuvinate a tired space through colour, shape and form so that it zings!”

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