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Home Staging

Home Staging

The concept of a home staging service is to prepare a house for the market. Usually the aim is to make it appeal to the broadest range of potential buyers. It allows purchasers the potential to imagine putting their own personal stamp on the space concerned.

Does Home Staging really work?

The simple answer is YES. 77% of buyers agents believe it creates the vision to enable purchasers to imagine themselves making this their future home.

Home Move Styling

Our home move styling service is aimed at people who have purchased a new property, with the intention of over-hauling a few rooms or in fact the entire house! The reality can be a daunting prospect! This is where we can sweep in and create the magic! We can look at the house on a room by room basis, or an entire house scheme. 

This can allow the client to achieve a look, where each room flows seamlessly into the next. We achieve this through careful consideration of colour choices, furnishings etc, and most importantly the familie’s day to day living requirements and needs.

Overseeing the entire house, allows it to be less disjointed in its decor and have a gentle cohesion. Please see my interior design packages for information on my fees. Bear in mind that, one size does not fit all and I welcome a chat to discuss your particular needs. Contact Think Interior Design for more information.

“Gail set up our whole house for us when we moved even opening the boxes – a life saver for a busy mum!”

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