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Colour Consultations

What does a colour consultation involve?

We live in a fast paced Global world where we can connect virtually without having to leave the comfort of our homes. My online interior design  service offers the client a fast, cost effective online design concept service. It requires the client to forward photographs of the space and a brief ” brief” of their design objectives prior to the consultation. I will then prepare design design ideas and solutions, tailored to their needs and walk through this on line. It is an effective and cost saving service which provides a speedy solution.  Contact Think Interior Design for more information.

Our Colour Consultation Services

Home Colour Consultations

A house visit, will allow us to see the room in its natural light, the space and volume. We can guide you with towards a beautiful colour palette that will enhance the feeling of the room.
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Online colour consultations
We simply need some images of the space in natural day light and evening light. We can then guide you through the colour palette that will revitalise your room. A cost effective solution to an age old issue. 
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Commercial Colour Consultations
Areas such as Hospitality, Retail, Sports and so on will know that choosing the best colours will potentially have an enormous impact psychologically on the inhabitants of the space.
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Corporate Colour Consultations
This is predominantly for office suites and blocks.  In the work place this can have a knock on effect with productivity and ultimately stimulate creativity which is surely a good thing for all!
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